The Adondeck Story

The Ingenuity continues

The Adondeck Chair evolved with the inspiration drawn by German businessman and passionate woodcrafter, Axel Dohmann. While on one of his many business trips to the United States, Dohmann had dinner at the home of one of the Executives of his U.S. business venture.  Axel brought the wine and his friend and colleague cooked setting Axel’s philosophy of ‘working with friends’ to the test! After dinner, they adjourned to the outdoor fireplace to continue their business discussion and a cigar while enjoying the scenic sunset with a final glass of wine – all while sitting in a modern version of the classic Adirondack chair.

As the story goes, Dohmann was very taken with the chair and decided that he had to have one on his deck in Germany.  His colleague offered the pattern and a discussion ensued on the best choice of wood. Upon his return to Germany, Dohmann headed to the local lumber store to buy original Western Red Cedar, only to learn Western Red Cedar was not available in Germany or even in Europe.  Axel was a bit frustrated, so with a woodcrafter’s determination, he embarked on a mission to acquire the wood to build the ultimate chair. Piece by piece, Dohmann brought back enough Western Red Cedar to build his chair as ‘carry-on’ from his many business trips to the United States.

With both a degree in engineering and a passion for woodworking in his DNA, the chair pattern was destined to be tweaked! Dohmann quickly determined that with some re-engineering he could improve the design and truly build the ultimate chair. Whereas, Thomas Lee called upon his family and friends to be his ‘test sitters’ in his quest to design the original Adirondack Chair, Axel Dohmann called upon his colleague’s brother, an owner of an engineering firm in Washington State.  Suffice to say that Dohmann hit ‘pay dirt’ when he put the engineering firm to work to make a few tweaks … leading to a re-design that novice and master woodcrafters alike could build. The engineering team christened the new design: The Adondeck. Appropriately named since Axel Dohmann started the project with the desire to build a chair to ‘Add On his Deck’!

Like Thomas Lee before him, Axel Dohmann envisioned that if his family and friends loved the chair, others would as well. A serial entrepreneur, Axel realized that expert and novice woodcrafters alike would surely experience the same pride of craftsmanship and ownership that he did upon building the Adondeck Chair.  He soon envisioned a community of woodworkers being inspired by this chair and other projects. The Adondeck Chair is the first project centered on the idea of a premium product made from premium materials … along with an experience to build upon.