The Adondeck Visionary

A man is a man and his handshake counts, regardless of how many more laws are put in place.

Axel Dohmann, Visionary and Entrepreneur

As a successful serial entrepreneur, engineer and international business leader, Axel Dohmann is recognized by friends, colleagues and competitors alike for his strong
personal values and business ethics. Adhering to his foundational belief to surround himself with people that embrace a similar understanding of ethics and how to work together, Axel has created a legacy of building strong, market leading companies with high-quality services and products.

While he initially built his business success in the medical device service market, Axel quickly diversified and expanded his business ventures under the PEAK –Group Holding Company. With all the business ventures, quality became a competitive differentiator because of his guiding principle that quality is the key to success. To Axel, quality is an attitude, a culture, a way of working, which not only improves products and businesses, but the way people work and live.

Once again, Axel has drawn on his business values, visionary talent and determined approach to create yet another company – PEAK-Adondeck. This new business venture came about because of his compelling attraction to the Adirondack chair, his quest to design the ultimate Adirondack chair, and his experience when he built the Adondeck Chair. Unlike most business opportunities, Axel was not driven by ‘return on investment’, or ‘time to market’ or other modern investment approaches. What drove Axel with PEAK-Adondeck, was the desire to build something perfect just for himself.

Inspired by this experience, Axel decided to take the crafting of the Adondeck Chair to a well-crafted documented experience that can be shared with family and friends and passed on from generation to generation. The Adondeck. An Experience to Build Upon.