Western Red Cedar

Premium wood for your ADONDECK chair

PEAK-Adondeck uses premium structural grade Western Red Cedar that is sourced from Northern Idaho, USA (Rocky Mountain region). This specific area of the Northwest has unique conditions that help create one of the strongest, lightest, and most visually pleasing lumbers in the world.
Northern Idaho is in an inner mountain region with deep, rich soil and a temperate climate. This area has less humidity and rainfall than the coast making the lumber much drier and less prone to cracking, which also enhances the distinct aroma of the lumber. Western Red Cedar also has a soft, velvety finish, making it ideal for furniture. The short growing season, due to long, cold winters, makes the grain of the wood tighter and curvier. This increases the strength and attractiveness of the lumber.

A fallen cedar can remain on the forest floor for well over a century.

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its naturally occurring resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. The result is a naturally preserved wood; giving lasting enjoyment for you and your family. Its natural durability, dimensional stability, and exceptional beauty are why Western Red Cedar has been used so prominently and why we chose it for the Adondeck Chair.