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Working with friends

has long been my business philosophy. It has continued to serve me well in my quest to create the woodcrafter’s ultimate Adirondack Chair – The Adondeck. In this effort, I have received inspiration and support from my family, the woodcrafting community, and my colleagues at DOGAWIST- Investments.

The following group of talented individuals collectively bought into my vision, applied their skills and expertise, and brought a similar understanding of quality and how to work together to make The Adondeck a reality. The Appel Family from Washington State who handcrafted the Appel version of the Adirondack chair that inspired my quest. The talented engineering team at Ag Energy Solutions – Philip Appel, Sarah Love, John Dacquisto and Albert denHoed – without your dedication and ingenuity the Adondeck Chair would not be where it is today. To Chad Molitor and Clint Grassel at Precision Cutting Technology whose focus on quality is appreciated. And finally, thank you to the creative and professional team at the Hemingway Marketing Group – Jessica Gaffney, Parker Hemingway, and Linda Hemingway – your outstanding design, photography, editing and can-do attitude has taken the Adondeck from a great project to a well-crafted documented experience. I am thankful to everyone for accompanying me on my journey and look forward to welcoming many new woodcrafters into the PEAKAdondeck community.

Dedicated to my father: Dr. Kurt-Dieter Dohmann
An honorable man, who set the standards and held me to them.
May I pass your strong values and business ethics on!

Thanks Dad!