The Adondeck Chair

An experience to build upon

The Adondeck chair features the traditional wide arm rests, curved seat, and high back support that makes Adirondack chairs a pleasure to sit in, as well as meticulously engineered enhancements to the customary chair design that any modern cowboy will surely appreciate. Whether you choose to go with an unsanded, rugged look or a smooth rounded finish, the personal craftsmanship experience of building an Adondeck Chair with your own two hands provides a unique sense of achievement. Your Adondeck Chair is destined to be a family heirloom with a story to tell - a history.

Groups of Adondeck Chairs are symbols of family, and gathering places for celebrations, conversations and contemplation.

Features & Benefits


Made from scratch with templates or assembled fromomplete kit


Left unfinished and unsanded the Adondeck Chair embodies rugged elegance


One of a kind design that can be customized to suit individual preferences


Completed chair only weighs about 15 kilograms


Beautiful aromatic fragrance and natural oils that prevent decay and rot


Richly textured, warm colored wood grain that weathers to a charmingly lustrous silvery gray color over time


Natural wood properties resist moisture and have longlasting appeal

Easy Finishing

Easily accepts a range of finishes to accommodateindividual preferences

Soft Surface

Aged, unfinished cedar results in a rustic look that’s velvetsoft to the touch

Back Rest

Comfortable, curved back rest that contoursto your back and shoulders offering maximum comfort for long, relaxing sits Back rest is angled to an optimal 65 degree slope

Resilient Wood

Made from 24mm thick WesternRed Cedar with 38mmthick front and back legs—wood that is known for itsnatural resistance to moisture,decay, and insect damage

Ooversized Arm Rests

Extra wide arm rests are flat and can accommodate a beverage and a dinner plate Distance between arm rests offers ampleroom for relaxation

Contoured Seat

Sculpted seat contour with comfortable curve accommodates a wide range of body types

Quality Hardware

Rust resistant stainless steel hardware and brass fasteners

Premium Wood

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its naturally occurring resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. The result is a naturally preserved wood; giving lasting enjoyment for you and your family. Its natural durability, dimensional stability, and exceptional beauty are why Western Red Cedar has been used so prominently and why we chose it for the Adondeck Chair.

I hope you value the Adondeck Chair as both a functional work of art and an experience you can build upon. May you gain many time-honored memories as you view sunsets, share conversations, and simply enjoy life as you relax in the comfort of your Adondeck Chair!

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